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In the news this week:

The dog world this week has been recovering from the excitement of the BBC’s One Show controversy, which culminated on 28th September with an open letter from Jordan Shelley to readers of Beverley Cuddy’s ‘Cold Wet Nose’ blog. Beverley,  editor of Dogs Today, had spearheaded last week’s successful campaign to have Jordan removed from the BBC’s One Show, and it would seem that he bears her no malice and is open to new ideas and experiences.  Good for him.

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This week on Totally Dogs:

I have been focusing on completing my series of articles on the principles and strategies of dog training and of How Dogs Learn and have added several more pieces to this, including The Use of Jackpots in Dog Training, Why You Should Set Goals for Dog Training, and covered the controversial topic of  When to use corrections in dog training. I have also progressed the Train Your Dog to Sit series and started a new one on caring for your puppy. This week’s article examines puppy exercise’s subject, ‘how much is too much.’

 Blogs and articles I have liked:

I regularly read other dog blogs,  and I have enjoyed several articles you might like to read this week.  I loved this article by Amy Sandemann on Canine unemployment. This subject is dear to my heart and why I set up the Gundog Club some years ago. I believe that dogs are happiest when they have a job to do and when they know what that job is.

The Retrieverman is a prolific blogger and a mine of information on canine history. There is always something of interest on his blog, and this week did not disappoint. Could you check it out? Just one post for Jemima Harrison of Pedigree Dogs Exposed on her blog this week,  but it’s a good one, UKvets: tough talk on pedigree dogs. The comments on Jemima’s blog are often very revealing!

How about you? Did you read any good articles this week? Why not share the link via the comments box below.

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