Stem cell therapy progress helps dogs

Stem cell therapy progress helps dogs - health, dogs - TotallyDogsBlog.comI am seeing more and more articles about stem cell therapy being used successfully to treat dogs with arthritis.

Only last month, Robert Harman DVM, chief executive of Vet-Stem,  announced on his blog that over 8,000 animals had now been treated with Vet-Stem cell therapy.

Vet-Stem is a company developing these treatments for dogs and other animals in the USA.

Arthritis can be a crippling and painful condition,  and there have been some favorable reports on the effects of these treatments. Here is one from Australia

The stem cells are collected from the dog’s body fat by his vet.  The adult stem cells are isolated, concentrated in the laboratory, and then returned to the dog’s vet to be injected into the affected area.

‘Red,’ a recent patient, is a twelve-year-old Labrador and one of the last surviving search and rescue dogs to participate in the 9/11 disaster. You can read about her on the Fox News website. Hopefully, she will join the many other dogs who are getting some relief from this exciting new treatment.

Jennifer Barker

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  • Adriansays:

    20/08/2023 at 18:03

    The use of stem cells enables the regeneration of damaged tissues and helps alleviate pain, improving their quality of life. However, I wonder if there are any potential risks or side effects associated with this treatment? Has it been extensively studied and proven safe for dogs?

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