How Long do Spitz Live?

How long do Pomeranian Spitz live? And what can prolong the life of a four-legged pet – a frequent question for all owners of a furry baby.

The dog breed Pomeranian Spitz, also called the Dwarf Spitz, is a decorative species, small in size. Some experts say it is one of the representatives of the German Spitz breed, but most consider this breed a separate canine species.

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These dogs owe their lineage to the Pomerania region, located on the northern coast of the Baltic Sea in Germany.

That is where this breed came from, although their distant representatives were much more prominent at first and weighed about fifteen pounds.

The English Queen Victoria, who visited Florence in the first half of the 19th century, brought the Pomeranian Spitz to her homeland. The Pomeranian Spitz has been living in the British Isles since that time, where, with the help of breeders, he acquired additional fur and slightly reduced in size.

This dog settled on the American continent in 1892, crossing the Atlantic by ship. Since then, representatives of this genus have taken part in various events with the participation of dogs – exhibitions shows.

Characteristics and features of the dog

What is the Pomeranian Spitz breed? The Pomeranian Spitz is a small-sized dog with a fox-like head. It has a rounded skull and small ears.

The front paws are straight and widely spaced, and the back paws are straight and parallel. The stiff hair is stretched perpendicular to the body due to the thick, fluffy coat. This keeps the dog warm in winter.

This breed also has a beautiful “wool collar” and “wool pants” on the back of the legs. Pomeranians can come in twelve colors, although the final color is formed six months after the dog has first shed.

Main colors of Pomeranian Spitzes

The predominant colors of this breed are orange, cream, black, blue, brown, and bright red. Colors of other color shades may also be acceptable but in rare cases. But in this breed, it is easy to distinguish the male and female sex. The male does not look so beautiful. He is a little larger than the female.

  • Dogs grow until about six months, when they are finally considered mature.

These small, fluffy-looking dogs, in fact, immediately turn into adored “toys” of their owners. The main advantage is not only in the charming face and magnificent doggie coat.

Pomeranian Spitz, it is a massive amount of great emotions. It can constantly amuse and amuse their owners, play and rejoice with them.

Nothing is surprising in that such creature owners do not want to lose too soon, but everyone is well aware that our shaggy friends live much less than humans.

For this reason, most owners worry a lot, asking the question: How long do Spitzes live, and what can prolong the life of a four-legged pet?

Answering the first part of the question, it is possible to present pleasant news. The Spitz, like most dwarf breeds, is a representative of long-livers. On average, the life of this doggie lasts from twelve to fifteen years. Sometimes, there are exceptions when the animal lives eighteen years.

The main condition for a long life is a good owner

A good owner primarily affects your four-legged friend’s long life. The main condition here is the owner’s attitude and how long the shaggy pet’s life expectancy will be.

Everything depends not only on good care and excellent feeding, although it is an important fact. These dogs are very attached to people. They must constantly communicate with people, play, run, and give their owners a good mood.

If a four-legged friend receives the above, he will respond with mutual love and devotion. This will definitely affect its longevity, and then, at the age of ten, it will be as cheerful and active as it was in its youth.

If the owners carry out the proper care, what the maximum age will be in the Pomeranian Spitz? The Pomeranian Spitz, in this case, sometimes crosses the twenty-year threshold. It happens extremely rarely, but it happens.

In this case, the long-lived does not cause trouble and nervous disorders in its owners. In this case, it is necessary to properly care and feed according to your friend’s age.

Vet visits are crucial.

Starting at seven, visiting the veterinarian with him several times a year for preventive care is mandatory.

Use mineral and vitamin supplements to strengthen bones and joints, and switch your four-legged friend to a special diet for senior dogs.

  • Introduce a change in the natural food by removing a considerable proportion of fats. In this case, fish is better than meat products, so it is better to reduce the meat portion, replacing it partially with fish.

A good solution is to continue to play games and activities with your elderly friend; you must not behave like an old man. It is optional to make the walks shorter in time. Referring to his age, it will not do any good. The dog needs to live an ordinary life.

What affects the shortening of life

The main reason, which depends on how long will be, live a beloved friend or not, is the absence of all sorts of diseases. And this is conditioned by a significant number of essential factors.

  • The first factor is the peculiarities of the breed, which determines the diseases inherent in this type of doggie and ways to prevent them.

In this case, owners can not worry. This species is not prone to disease and is considered healthy. There are only the usual problems that all dwarf dogs have.

Problems that only affect Spitzes are the problem of early hair loss, although this has more of an effect on appearance without affecting the animal’s longevity.

  • But the fact of disgusting care and lousy food will very severely affect the life expectancy of a four-legged friend. In this case, if the dog is not observed in the veterinary clinic and does not receive in advance the necessary prophylaxis from all sorts of diseases and parasites, it will not live much.

Another reason for a short lifespan is overeating and being overweight. Older dogs that are larger than they should be have heart and liver complications can develop a hypertensive crisis, and have a stroke. A homogeneous diet, with few vitamin supplements, will also shorten your friend’s longevity.

Why super dwarfs live concise lives

It is believed that the dog’s smaller size is the most fashionable brand. For this reason, the price of a dwarf is much higher. Owners trying to get the smallest size dog need to remember one truth: standards were developed for a reason.

Pomeranian Spitz – measuring less than eighteen centimeters, the animal has a thin spine, increasing the risk of various fractures and injuries.

Also leads to many pathological diseases. An example is hydrocephalus of the brain. The tiny size of the friend often affects the development, while the body can not work correctly, causing various mental disorders.

How long can a super dwarf spitz live? For longer than 8 years, these dogs do not live and need excellent quality care and supervision by a veterinarian.

This is why dogs of this size are considered a commercial commodity. Breeding of this kind is engaged in merchants because of the high cost of quadrupeds. No serious breeder will not intentionally breed Spitz dwarf size. Given that the average size of the doggie from 20 to 22 centimeters is small.

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