How dogs learn: canine behaviour explained

Understanding canine behavior is the key to building a great relationship with your dog. This website contains various articles explaining how dogs learn and how canine behavior can be manipulated.   You can discover how characteristics that have evolved to ensure dogs’ survival in the wild may be easily used to modify their behavior in our modern world.

How dogs learn: canine behaviour explained - dogs, behaviour -

Dog training methods have changed dramatically over the last thirty or forty years, and there is now so much knowledge and information available to all dog owners that anyone should be able to successfully train their dog using gentle and positive methods.  Yet, this knowledge is often enveloped in jargon and mystique.

The articles below explain why your dog does what he does and how you can use this information to train and enjoy your dog daily.

You might like to start by reading ‘A Game of Consequences.’ It’s a game we play daily with our dogs, and ‘A game of consequences’ aims to show you how you can win at dog training.

Here are the articles in this series

  • A game of consequences
  • A trained behavior is not calculated
  • The use of rewards in dog training
  • The use of aversives in dog training
  • The gambling effect
  • Dog training is not permanent

You can find a complete list of training articles and information on the ‘Training Page.’ If there is a topic you would like to see featured,  just drop your thoughts into the comment box below.

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I'm Jennifer. My passion for dogs lead to this blog's creation in 2014. I share tales of life with my pups and insights on natural dog care so fellow pet parents can nurture the joy and wellbeing of their furry friends.

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  • Finley Choisays:

    21/08/2023 at 08:06

    1. What are some key factors or theories that explain the learning process of dogs?
    2. Can you provide specific examples of canine behavior that support the understanding of how dogs learn?

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