Ancestry DNA tests for dogs

Curious to know about your dog’s ancestry. Well, you need to guess no longer!  A DNA test is now commercially available that could reveal a great deal about your dog’s past. The test is available in several kits, depending on your dog’s category.

Ancestry DNA tests for dogs - dogs, dna -

Who might use the test?

Owners of rescue dogs curious to know their ancestry,  owners of ‘designer dogs’  wishing to check that their dog is an F1 hybrid (first cross between two pure-bred parents), Owners of purebred dogs without papers that want to study their dog really is thoroughbred.

In fact, anyone interested to know their dog’s ancestry,  whether out of general curiosity or a need to confirm a suspicion.

What use is this knowledge?

The test is not just for the paranoid. The makers claim that it gives the owners of mixed-breed dogs valuable information about the ideal weight for their dog when an adult is born and the best way to feed and train him.

It can also alert owners to potential health risks for the breeds identified in their genetic make-up.

I suspect that most of those using the test will simply be curious.

Jennifer Barker

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