Abandoned Dog Taught Sign Language By Deaf Child

A Heartwarming Tale of Communication Between Species

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a remarkable cross-species bond has formed between 10-month-old dog Baxter and a deaf child named Neeva. Baxter, described as anxious and withdrawn when he first arrived at the local animal shelter, has blossomed thanks to his adoption by Neeva’s family.

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Neeva was born deaf and communicates primarily through American Sign Language (ASL). Hoping to find a gentle, patient companion for their daughter, Neeva’s parents adopted Baxter from the shelter. Though noisy and overstimulating environments had overwhelmed the puppy in the past, he immediately connected with Neeva.

Showing initiative despite her young age, Neeva began teaching Baxter simple signs like “sit,” “stay,” and even a special name sign for the dog. Baxter now comprehends and follows these cues, according to Neeva’s mother. Their shared method of communication has strengthened the bond between dog and child.

While interspecies communication is rare, some animals have demonstrated an aptitude for language, including Koko, the gorilla famed for her sign language vocabulary of over 1,000 words. Still, Baxter’s receptiveness to Neeva’s signing is exceptional. Their story illustrates the profound connections possible between children and animals, and the ability of compassion and patience to overcome communication barriers.

Beyond benefiting Neeva and Baxter individually, their relationship highlights a wider phenomenon: the success of therapy animals. Specially trained dogs, cats, and other creatures often visit hospitals and nursing homes, reducing anxiety and boosting morale in patients. Research shows animal therapy can aid physical and mental healing across all ages.

Though not officially certified as a therapy animal, Baxter’s impact on Neeva is therapeutic. Their bond has increased her confidence and signing skills. More broadly, this heartwarming tale of interspecies communication conveys an uplifting message of empathy and understanding. It is a testament to the power of connection across differences.

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