You’re Losing Money by Not Using Dog Diapers for Poop

dog diapers for poopLet’s talk about poop. Yes it’s not the most pleasant of topics to discuss, but if you are a dog owner it is almost impossible to avoid the topic of poop. One place that we simply don’t want to deal with this smelly issue however is on the floors of our home. Whether housetraining your new puppy or your rescued dog, or dealing with a medical condition, you’ll find that dog diapers for poop can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent cleaning your floors.

Not all dog diapers are for poop, however. There are a great many that are specifically for urine only. This means that your dog may not be able to urinate on your floors, but he will still be able to answer the other call of nature without much trouble at all. With the right dog diapers for poop, you’ll be able to effectively housetrain your dog, contain the mess, and see a dramatic drop in your stress levels.

How Can You Tell The Difference?

It is all too easy to purchase the wrong dog diapers if you’re not entirely sure of the difference. A reputable seller of dog diapers for poop will not mislead you so that you accidentally purchase the wrong diapers. Look for dog diapers that clearly state whether they are suitable for catching poop, or whether they state that they are best used for urine only.

It will be horribly upsetting, and potentially messy, to accidentally purchase the wrong diapers; not to mention the frustration over money spent and time now needed to clean your floors!

Dog diapers for poop will need to accommodate your dog’s tail while still fitting snugly around the tail in order to ensure that the fecal matter doesn’t make its way out of the opening around the tail. With a snug and adjustable fit, you’ll be able to ensure that the mess stays put – right where you want it.

Dog diapers that are not suitable for catching poop incidents will not snugly accommodate your dog’s rear end, so be sure to carefully read up on each product before you make a purchasing decision.

It is also important to have accurate measurements from your dog so that you can be assured of a perfect fit. It would be incredibly frustrating to get your dog diapers for poop home and find that they don’t give as comfortable of a fit as you’d like for your pup. A one-size-fits-all solution is not an effective solution; not when you consider that there could be dramatic size differences between two Labradors that are the same age.

The Benefits of Dog Diapers for Poop

Considering that most dogs poop twice a day once they are on a good schedule, it can be hard to fathom just why you might need to invest in dog diapers for poop. After all, they are going to cost money and your dog could just look silly wearing them. It is important to note that while dog diaper might look funny, there is absolutely nothing funny about coming home to accidents on your living room carpet.

Here are some really great reasons why you might just find that dog diapers for poop are going to be a good investment.

Housetraining your puppy is sure to bring with it a few headaches; especially if you are working full time. You can certainly incorporate crate training into your routine, but there are bound to be accidents if your puppy is having a hard time understanding the house rules, or if your puppy is too young to really understand housetraining. Adult rescued dogs are also great candidates for dog diapers for poop, especially the dogs that have never lived inside of a house before. With these diapers in your housetraining arsenal, you are sure to find that the whole process runs a lot smoother for all of you.

Aging dogs, particularly those with dementia, can have a difficult time holding their bladders and their bowels. Whether they are slowed down due to arthritis or they simply don’t realize that they need to go, some dogs just unfortunately poop as they are walking toward the door. By incorporating dog diapers for poop into your routine, you’ll be able to ensure that your elderly companion’s twilight years are filled with plenty of positivity and love.

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Dogs that are recovering from surgery or from an injury might find that it is difficult to stand up and navigate their way easily to the backyard. With dog diapers for poop as a part of their rehabilitation program, you’ll find that you have much more time to help your dog focus on building his or her strength so that the recovery process runs a lot smoother.

When you purchase dog diapers, you should be certain that you are purchasing diapers that will fit your male or your female dog. Dog’s aren’t all built the same, and you might find that purchasing diapers that are specifically for a male or female will give you the fit and mess-minimization that you are looking for, and also give your dog the comfort that he or she deserves.

Dog diapers for poop allow dog owners to take a very uncomfortable, and let’s face it – smelly issue and transform it into a problem that has a workable solution. Regardless of the age or breed of your dog, you should ensure that you are never leaving your dog’s diaper on for extended hours. Certainly if you are working then there’s not much that can be done, but when you do get home you should ensure that you deal with any messes right away. This can help to prevent painful skin irritations and the potential for a skin infection.

There are disposable dog diapers for poop and some that are washable. The diapers you select will be entirely up to your personal preference, but since you are dealing with fecal matter it is often suggested that you opt for the disposable so that you are minimizing the messy and smelly problems.


  1. Jeanne says

    Can you recommend a good brand of diapers for poop for a female chihuahua mix? She is a 11 month old shelter rescue.

    • says

      Hi Jeanne – I’m typically brand-agnostic because there are several companies offering quality dog diapers. The key is generally determining which dog diaper will work best for your dog from a comfort/fit perspective. I would start with a small or x-small size diaper with a Chihuahua mix and go from there until I found the perfect fit.

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