Best Puppy Pads: Purchase the Best to Help Housetrain Your Pet

Best Puppy PadsTraining a puppy is one of the most difficult challenges of bringing home a new pet. Frustration can run high should there be numerous accidents on a daily basis, leaving many owners at their wits end in trying to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of their home and the furniture inside of it.

Puppy pads offer an easy solution to these problems, as they are a simple and relatively inexpensive way to help avoid accidents, or at the very least contain them to an absorbent pad. With so many options on the market today, some pet owners are daunted as to what a good puppy pad looks like. There are many high-quality brands out there, although choosing certain brands can be more advantageous than others, depending upon what you’re looking for in a puppy pad.

What Are Puppy Pads and How Can They Be Used for Housebreaking?

Dedication, attention and perseverance are all words that come to mind when you think of housebreaking a new puppy. However, many people don’t realize that the frequent accidents that occur during this process can be better managed through the use of simple products, such as puppy pads.

Puppy pads can be used to gradually encourage a pet to relieve them self outside as opposed to inside, although initial use is indoors. As dogs become more accustomed to relieving themselves outdoors, an owner may place the puppy pad nearer to the door and eventually on the patio or in the backyard as well. Thus, puppy pads can simply help an animal better understand that urination is only allowed in the yard.

Best Puppy PadsAre There Different Types of Puppy Pads?

Like many other dog products, there are countless different kinds of puppy pads available for purchase on the market today. Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between various types of puppy pads available, meaning that you can always find one that suits your specific needs. Simply by shopping around, you can make a substantial difference in the results you have when you use the best puppy pads to housetrain your pet.

The best puppy pads are frequently very similar in terms of their design, but this is not always the case. While some contain odor-eliminating elements, others might not. This may be important to some pet owners, but not to others. Thus, doing your research can help you choose the right puppy pads for your pet and your lifestyle.

What Are the Best Puppy Pads Available for Purchase?

After searching for quite some time, you may become aware of the fact that there are literally hundreds of different puppy pads available to help you housetrain your pet. However, there are some that are generally believed to be the best of the best.

One of the best puppy pads that you can buy is Four Paws Wee-Wee Puppy Housebreaking Pads. You can find these puppy pads for as low as $34 on various websites for a package of 150 pads. This brand features an attractant that naturally draws your dog to the pad, making training simpler than ever. This type of puppy pad also features a heavy-duty leak-proof liner and quick drying top layer that locks in wetness while reducing odors. Thus, if you work long hours or are simply home infrequently, this brand offers you multiple safeguards to help protect your floors and keep a pad dry while eliminating the stale smell that can often result from puppy pads in a home.

Another brand that is renowned for offering some of the best puppy pads available is IRIS. The Neat ‘n Dry Floor Protection and Training Pads for Puppies and Dogs are identical in price to the Four Paws Wee-Wee Housebreaking Pads at $34 for 150 pads. IRIS is acclaimed to have some of the best puppy pads due to the five-layer quilted protection that they are made with, preventing odors and leakage all day long. Liquids are transformed into a gel in this puppy pad, meaning that cleanup is extremely easy as well, regardless of how wet a pad has gotten throughout the course of a couple of hours, or an entire day.

IRIS Puppy and Dog Training Pad Holder

An additional brand that offers some of the best puppy pads on the market is Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads. These are slightly more expensive than the other two brands discussed above, totaling $30 for 100 pads. Like Four Paws puppy pads, Simple Solution items are made with a built-in attractant that encourages pets to relieve themselves there as opposed to other places in the home. Additionally, these pads have a quilted top sheet and a plastic backing and edging, allowing the company to certify this item with their 100% leak proof guarantee. This gives peace of mind to pet owners who are particularly concerned about the condition of their floors due to housetraining, making it easy for them to carry on throughout their daily tasks without worrying about their home.

Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

Also, Hartz Home Protection Pads for Dogs are considered to be some of the best puppy pads as well. Also slightly more expensive than both Four Paws and IRIS, a package of 50 pads costs $17. This brand features unique seven-layer protection against wetness, as it is created with super-absorbent polymer and cotton fluff. These pads are resistant to tearing, which is a feature not offered by many other pads. They also contain a plastic backing as well, protecting your floors from anything and everything that is on the puppy pad.

Hartz Home Protection Pads for Dogs

The 411 on the Best Puppy Pads

There are a wide variety of puppy pads out there, some of which can definitely be considered the best puppy pads available. When choosing from the best puppy pads, it is important to consider your animal, their problems and your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for puppy pads that are extremely absorbent, or items that can withstand the wear and tear of your puppy’s daily routine, there is certainly a product out there that can help you as you housetrain your pet.

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